Colorado's Climate

Colorado's Climate


Colorado is known for having four distinct seasons, sometimes all in one day! Denver has a mild, sunny and dry climate most of the year. It is also known for having 300 days of sunshine. Because of Colorado's diverse terrain, the weather changes rapidly and even in the winter, can have blue skies and warm sunny days.

The spring brings rolling hills full of colorful wildflowers and afternoon showers. Long summer days are hot and dry but the evenings cool off and occasional thunderstorms light up the sky. As summer fades to fall, leaves turn to a golden yellow, a bright orange and a fiery red creating a full spectrum of magnificent colors. One of the most common misconceptions about Colorado winters is that they are cold, dreary and snowy all the time. When Elevation rises in the high country, the temperature drops. In and around Denver the winters are actually very mild with an average temperature around 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Blizzards are followed by sunshine, snow melts quickly, and golf courses and patios are open all year round.

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